Karat® Maxi Plus 8-strand

KARAT® MAXI Plus has become standard terminology in high quality mooring applications. Very high strength/weight ratio allows substantial size reductions and ease in handling, as well as providing excellent overall economy. The new KARAT® MAXI PLUS ropes have the same properties but offer a higher MBL and much better abrasion resistance. The new KARAT® MAXI PLUS is DNV Type approved.

  • Highest strength of the conventional permanently floating mooring ropes
  • High abrasion resistance
  • No loss of strength when wet
  • High energy absorption
  • Very low snap-back effect
  • Manufactured according to ISO and OCIMF
  • EStalon™ is a polyester/polypropylene melt mixture
  • Eurolefin™ in the outer yarn

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