KARAT® Maxi Plus Tails 8-strand

EuroRope Marine supplies a wide range of KARAT® MAXI PLUS mooring tails to suit different dimensions steel wire mooring ropes. We can offer both single leg TAILS and double leg endless RINGTAILS.

Mooring tails are typically supplied in lengths of 11 m with 2,0 m and 1,0 m covered eyes. Studies performed by OCIMF have indicated tail lengths of 22 m for exposed berths.

Because synthetic ropes are likely to deteriorate more rapidly than wire ropes, tails should be at least 25% stronger than the steel wire ropes to which they are attached (NOTE: +37% for Nylon). The mooring tails should be inspected frequently and replaced at regular intervals. (18 months as per OCIMF recommendations).

See tables with MBL for typical dia steel wire mooring ropes construction 6x36WS+IWRC (steel core) tensile 1960 N/mm2. The tables also provide strength calculations for selecting suitable dia KARAT® MAXI PLUS TAILS or RINGTAILS.

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